2018 really propelled James Edwards aka Made By Pete on to the surface of a highly competitive ocean of Artists in the Electronic music scene.

As well as having chart-topping releases on Crosstown Rebels & Audiojack's Imprint Gruuv, Made By Pete has also secured a top spot in our very own Little Festival Records chart with his monumental remix of Lewis Jimenez - 'Feel It'.

We caught up with James ahead of our 2019 Opening Party at Studio 338 on February 15th where he will be supporting Deeperfect head honcho, Stefano Noferini alongside FUSE resident and Berlin favorite, Hito!

James, first of all.. Hi and welcome to AAA with Little Festival!

James: Hi Rui. Thanks for having me!!

Let's start right at the beginning, how and when did your Alias, Made By Pete come to be?

James: It just started as most new guises do, a new outlet for a fresh approach to music. The name is a homage to my dad who passed away when I was young. His name was Pete, so I was literally 'made' by Pete. :-)

What are the 3 most valuable lessons you've learned about how to survive and thrive in the music industry?

James: trust your gut feeling. Always try to learn new skills. Don't be a prick.

You’ve had a string of very successful releases that span a range of sub-genres from Deep House, Afro House, Tech House... Do you have a sub-genre you prefer to produce and why?

James: No I don't. As a music lover, I'm constantly influenced by different sounds. I have considered putting music out under different aliases before but at the moment I don't think I need to. I like to be eclectic and go with the flow in the studio. It keeps things interesting and in the end, I believe it provides longevity. Listeners are open to change. As long as the output is high quality it's good to be unpredictable.

Enlighten us with your 3 favourite dance floor heaters to banish our winter blues:

James: The impossible question! In no particular order... Jose Nunez 'Bilingual', Themba 'Who is Themba' & Nathan Fake 'The Sky Was Pink' (Holden Remix). Ask me again next week and they will be completely different :-)

2019 is set to be a great year for Made By Pete, on that note we would like to hear your predictions for major up and comers for 2019.. let's call them MBPs MVPs:

James: Strikland, Themba, Ronnie Spiteri

Last but by no means least.... What can we expect from your debut set at Little Festival next month?

James: I've got plenty of new material to road test including a new EP forthcoming on Yoshitoshi Records. Some 'works in progress', and of course my remix for Lewis Jimenez on LFR. I'm playing before the headliner so it's always important to consider the progression of the night and not overdo it, whilst still staying true to your sound.