LFR013 - Arno Stolz 'Rights' EP


Title track 'Rights' is straight out the top draw from Arno!
Terrace vibes with beautifully blended percussion, complemented by an infectious low rolling baseline. Guaranteed to take the party up a notch at any time!. Cleverly crafted drums and progressions in the track such as arps and melodies also assist to ensure a mouthwatering, euphoric experience, before throwing it back down to the energy fueled, tightly produced - groove and baseline. A must have for the dance floor!!

'Damn right' is packed with plenty of punch and is a certified dance floor filler! Its crispy drums and Mesmerising hi hats propel you in and out of the the zippy grooving baseline - its mean, it's funky and it's filled with attitude! Live sounding drums and satisfying snares help give the track plenty of atmosphere and energy that keeps it moving forward -with the help of some extremely catchy vocals, sure to get you singing along!