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Our Vision

Little Festival was born when we decided to create our own take on “the perfect event”. As a group of friends with a shared passion for music, festivals and nightlife, we set out to put on a party using an array of inspiration and ideas drawn from our collective experiences as ravers and DJ’s.

Our brand has developed and our team has grown, and 2018 marks our 5th birthday and 40th event as promoters. These are milestones in our history, but there is a long road ahead of us. We want to be more than just a party, we want to make a valued contribution to the scene.

Rave culture adds to the society we live in, and through music we can bring people together to celebrate life and love. We are Little Festival and we celebrate Peace, Love and Parties. Welcome to our Little Family.

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Our team

As our events and ambitions have grown, so has our team! We are very lucky to have a passionate group of people behind everything we do, we have pooled our skills and done a lot of learning on the job together and through this we have learned the true meaning of teamwork!

Embracing new challenges and finding solutions are key drivers and we thrive on them!

Alex Smith

Graphic Design | Logistics
Favourite Rave Memory

Watching the sun rise as Solomun played Hideout festival in Croatia was unforgettable, and probably my favourite rave moment to date.

Favourite Track

Benjamin Buttons

Favourite Rave Memory

Favourite Track

Dan Gayle

Business Development | Marketing
Favourite Rave Memory

Whilst living in Ibiza there was a huge amount of temptation to go partying all the time. On one particular occasion I was adamant that I was not going out (to Cocoon at Amnesia), but I finally caved and decided the FOMO was simply too much as my friends got on the pre-beers. It ended up being one of the messiest memories I have of the white isle and we ended up getting straight on the ferry to Formentera once the club closed. Eventually I fell asleep on some rocks using my hi-top as a pillow

Favourite Track

Lewis Jimenez

Favourite Rave Memory

My favourite rave memory has to be at the legendary Sunwaves 21, Marco Carola's 24 hour set was truly inspiring!

Favourite Track

Louis Chatten

Digital | Content
Favourite Rave Memory

It's gotta be playing the Full Moon Party in Thailand on Christmas day. The rest of the beach had all sorts of EDM on the go and I was bashing out some pure techno rollers until sunrise. Something that I'll cherish forever!

Favourite Track
Nicole Moudaber - Hair

Mark Jarman

Social Media
Favourite Rave Memory

I went to see Eats Everything at XOYO with a few of the boys and was blown away by his set. At the end of it I tried to jump up on the stage (where the dj booth was) to shake his hand and maybe have a quick chat. I was proper excited, but I tripped on my way up and spilt my drink all over myself instead. He saw, and refused to shake my hand coz it was covered in sticky booze! Fair enough, really.

Favourite Track

Nick Sheehy

Label Manager | Booker
Favourite Rave Memory

Hard to pinpoint just one specific rave moment, but I used to do kids parties in super hero outfits and that’s sort of similar. Does that count?

Favourite Track

Oliver Smith

Business Development | Logistics
Favourite Rave Memory

At the end of a 5 hour Magnetic Man set, Skream invited the whole crowd on stage. I bundled my way up there and still get goosebumps thinking about the rush of it, being caught in the moment with so many others on the same vibe. That was the night I first fell in love with dance music.

Favourite Track
Track name

Reuben Clarke

Marketing Manager
Favourite Rave Memory

This has got to be when I lead an entourage of about 50 people at Glastonbury down "The Rabbit Hole" for their first time. Although I'm pretty sure some of them are still down there. Oh well, maybe i'll bump into them again this year!

Favourite Track

Rui Rodrigues

Label Manager | Head of A&R
Favourite Rave Memory

My favourite clubbing memory has to be taking Nick & Louis to Berlin for the first time.. we went to a underground club called Farbfernseher, a gritty underground club that used to be a TV shop.. Berlin summed up for ya! In the middle of a stompy techno set the DJ dropped ‘Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere’. Nick was over excited and got asked to shhh by a multitude of ravers which seemed pretty odd at a rave! Later that night we went to Berghain and danced with Lady Gaga.. what a weekend!

Favourite Track


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